Cherry Tree
March 18 - A gusty northeasterly plays with the fresh snow on the branches - where is spring?


Live Music
March 10 - Jazz Initiative Bingen at Binger Buehne: Alvin Mills Project | Looking Past Forward. Michael Quast (keys), Arno Haas (sax), Stefan Hoefele-Dias (drums) and Alvin Mills (bass). Groovy slap bass meets funky singing sax.


February 25 -  Early signs of spring.


February 23 - At Palatin in Mainz: Die Verlegerin (The Post) by Steven Spielberg. With Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.  Historical drama about the publication of the Pentagon Papers by The New York Times and subsequently The Washington Post in 1971. A must see.


Live Music
February 9 -  At Frankfurter Hof in Mainz: 30th anniversery concert by Fred Kellner and the famous Soulsisters, featuring The Horny Horny Horns and The SuperSonic Silver Strings. With Fred Kellner (b), Fred Kellner (dr), Fred Kellner (perc), Fred Kellner (g and voc), Fred Kellner (g) and Fred Kellner (kb and voc). Soul and funk at its best on "the holy holy stage in crazy Mainz". Same soul procedure as every year.


February  20 - Der Kunstkopf-Mann - Letzte Reise des Tönefängers Matthias von Spallart nach Amazonien (The Dummy Head Man - Last Journey of the Sound Catcher Matthias von Spallart). Radio feature (54 min) by Helmut Kopetzky, produced by NDR and DLF. The program tells the story of sound artist Matthias von Spallart. In fall 1980 he packed a Nagra IV-S recorder,  120 reels of magnetic tape, a dummy head microphone, and bought an airline ticket to Rio de Janeiro. He started at the Amazon River delta and travelled upstream into the little known refuges of the native people of the Amazon rainforest. His binaural 3D recordings where exceptional. But when he came back to the cold and grey European winter he found himself changed. He listened to the recordings and started to edit. But he did not finish. Eight months after his home coming he hanged himself at a tree not far from his house in Alsace. His friend,  radio man Aldo Gardini, took on the task to finish the ambitious project. In 1982 the one hour radio feature Brasil - A Sound Journey into the Interiors of Brasil went on air. The recordings take the listener (headphones!) into an amazing 3D soundscape. The production received the highest critical acclaim and is - until today - an unriveled standard for aspiring (field-) sound artists.


February 10 - Eliot Weinberger: An Elemental Thing (2007), an anthology of interconnected nonfiction essays. The first essay in the book is called The Wind. It starts: “Wind: what is it? You don’t see it but you hear it, and you feel its force. It brings the rains, the drought, the cold, the heat, the locusts, the dust; it drives them away. It bangs the shutters, rustles the branches, flattens the house, spreads fire; it pushes the boats along or makes the waves that sink them. It’s breezes in spring inspire affection, its howling in winter dread...“ And after two pages it ends: Hear the wind and you will know the wind. Wind blows, and the generations are leaves. There was no higher praise than what was said of Confucius: He knows where the wind comes from.”


February 1 - At Filmbuehne Caligari in Wiesbaden: Score - A Music Film Documentary by Matt Schrader, featuring more than 50 composers, directors, orchestrators, studio musicians, producers, recording artists, studio executives, agents and journalists. With Hans Zimmer, Qincy Jones, Randy Newman, Danny Elfman, Rachel Portman, John Powell, Mychael Danna, Howard Shore, John Williams and Trent Reznor. The production was financed via crowdfunding.


Cherry Tree
January 16 -  To prune or not to prune? An old gardener’s wisdom says: “Prune weak branches strongly and strong branches weakly”. It also says, that you should be able to throw your hat through the tree, as a sign that the branches are not too crowded.


New Year
January 6 - A luxurious start into the new year.